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The jams, marmalade and preserves produced in the kitchen at Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park are made with the finest ingredients to traditional recipes. Taste the difference in every bite! A perfectly spiced pickle, relish or chutney are the most wonderful compliment to cheese or meat and as that 'secret' ingredient in your favourite recipes. Jams to savour with freshly baked scones and marmalade to serve with toast and tea for a delicious breakfast treat. Everything is hand made in our kitchen with farm fresh fruit from our orchard and vegetable gardens or local suppliers. 

Make sure you visit Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park on your next holiday in the Margaret River wine region and taste these delights first hand.  Our jams and preserves are available from our farm shop at $7.50  for 200g jar and $12 for 340g jar. Read on to discover delicious serving ideas when using our produce.

figjamFig Jam - Makes a great appetizer when added to ham and blue cheese and wrapped in phyllo pastry and baked! plumjamServe with cheese and crackers and of course on toast for breakfast.

Plum Jam - A must with freshly baked scones from our kitchen and a dollop of cream. Add to you favourite
muffin recipe for a 'surprise' filling.

apricotApricot and Passion Fruit Jam - Serve this tasty jam slightly warmed over fruit cake or ice cream. Spread on fresh bread or your morning toast.lemonmarm

Lemon and Ginger Marmalade - On toast or a breakfast muffin for a mouthwatering start to the day. Warm and drizzle over your favourite lemon cake too.

orangegingerOrange and Ginger Marmalade - Mix with marinade ingredients to use with spare ribs or your next roast pork. Warm and drizzle over orange cakes or muffins and serve with cream - so delicious!

Orange and Liqueur Marmalade - A delightful way to start the day is using this marmalade orange_liq
on thick slices of whole grain toast. Great when warmed and served with vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of crushed nuts.

sweetmustardpickleSweet Mustard Pickle - A must on meat sandwiches! Great with cheese and biscuits or as part of an antipasto platter. Mix with potato salad dressing to give a special zing to this family favourite. Combine with sour cream, yogurt or cream cheese to make a sensational dip.chillitomrelish

Chilli Tomato Relish - Serve a dollop of relish with rissoles, pies, and quiches, or add to sandwiches or hamburgers. Great to dip beer battered prawns in and a wonderful addition to a cold meat platter.

applechutneyApple Chutney - The flavor of apple chutney is both sweet and sour, making it a great accompaniment to many different kinds of food. Serve with a cheese platter, use in a meat glaze or along side pork dishes. It adds a beautiful flavour to toasted sandwiches. 

Chilli Plum Sauce - Serve with chicken or pork dishes. Great with BBQ meats or stir fry with fresh vegetables.
Superb as a dipping sauce for Chinese cuisine and it goes exceptionally well with duck.

SweetchiltomsauceSweet Chilli Tomato Sauce - Add to pasta sauces for a delicious treat. Serve with wedges and sour cream.
Pour on a BBQ sausage or add to a steak sandwich.

Garden Relish - A beautiful condiment to serve with meats, fish and poultry or as a sandwich relish. Try it with cheese and biscuits or add to coleslaw and potato salad dressing. Serve with fritters or over a hot dog. Add to sour cream to make a delicious dip and serve with fresh vegetable slices.dukkah

Dukkah - An Egyptian Delicacy made of roasted almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts and spices. To
use dip crusty bread in Extra Virgin
olive oil and then into the dukkah mix. Sprinkle over cooked fish, chicken or lamb.
Mix with breadcrumbs and use with chicken and meat dishes.


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