The OrchARD

We have a variety of fruit and nut trees.
We use best farming practice and all our fruit is spray free.

Fruit PickingFruit Seasons

Fruit Picking – How It Works!

To pick fruit without taking the opportunity to meet our animals is $10/adult, $8/child and under 2 is FOC and the cost of the fruit picked. All fruit is $5/kilo.

Daily tour start at 11:30am . Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start times .

Fruit picking and the farm animal tour is $20/adult and $15/child with under 2 FOC.

The orchard tours run from April through to mid-December. However every year is a bit different so contact us to find out exact start and finish of the tours

One of the friendly team at Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park will assist you to select the ripest and juiciest fruit to take away with you. It is a wonderful experience for families and always a big hit with overseas visitors too!

We recommend you wear water proof shoes for this experience during winter months.

Fruit Seasons

Lemons May – November

Apples and Fuji – April

Mandarins May – September

Oranges June – October

Lemonades May – September

Grapefruit June – October

Lilly Pilly May – June

Lemonade Tree

Most of these fruits will be familiar, however many people have never heard of a lemonade tree! The lemonade tree is a cross between a lemon and a mandarin and the flavour is just like lemonade, without the bubbles of course! However it does make a refreshing drink when juiced! The Lemonade variety originated in Australia and was launched and promoted by Engall’s Nursery, even making front page of the Sydney morning Herald in the late Eighties. The Lemonade, looks like a lemon, but can be eaten straight from the tree, just like a mandarin or orange. It’s a lot sweeter than a lemon with a refreshing tang. It truly has to be tasted to be appreciated.

So try something different on your next visit to the Margaret River wine region and call into Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park for a flavoursome fruit picking experience, friendly farm animals and freshly baked scones jam and cream! Yum!

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